Poll 1

Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying Harwood’s story so far. Thank you all for reading, liking and commenting. (If you are new, you can start here or find all the published posts here.)

Next chapter will be a bit different, it would be told from Dilly’s POV and will get to see a bit more of her and Harwood’s son Billy who had barely appeared so far. After that it is your choice… I can continue to write the story from Harwood’s POV or switch to his son Billy. If you choose Billy we would jump a bit in time, to Billy’s child birthday and the story will go on from here. If you choose Harwood we continue where we left off.

There will be more of this polls I hope

So… Take your pick hereThank you in advance! If you have any feedback, or suggestions for the future feel free to leave it here.



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