One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you so much RosemaryMarie for this blog’s first ever award. 🙂

RosemaryMarie’s blog Noble Doubt is one of the loveliest blogs out there. Her story follows a sim family trough the journals every heir writes. Her characters are unique and really fun to read about. I really can’t praise her enough so I recommend you go and visit to see for yourself.

The rules for this award are:

Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link.
Post about the award
7 facts about yourself
Nominate bloggers and notify them
Give your readers good news.

Facts About Myself:
1. I have played the Sims ever since Sims 1 came out and I have played every game and expansion pack up to Sims3 Pets. I plan to play all other Sims3 expansions before I move to Sims4 even though at this rate Sims5 will probably come out when I get to Sims4. 😛
2. I have never owned a pet.
3. Besides the sims I mostly play other simulations, like CitiesSkylines recently and strategy games.
4. I love to swim and visit the seaside.
5. As a child I played tennis, I wasn’t really good at it.

6.I was born and spent my whole life leaving in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

7.I have two younger brothers.

Good news for my readers? I have many more chapters planned for this blog, and if any of you are reading my other blog: I hope to start updating it regularly in April as well.

There are some of the lovely blogs that first come to mind:

ChelseyCat is a funny story featuring bears! And Goldilocks! I have just started reading it and I think you’ll like it as much as I do.

Forget-Me-Not is a Sims4 story based on the Ambrosia Challenge. It is written by the excellent RipuAncestor writer of The Crysanthemum Tango and The Fey of Life. The story has just begun so it won’t take you too long to catch up.

GC Sims is a great blog with so many fantastic things, from interesting families, the most gorgeous builds, lovely legacies and as of recently a great story called Snordwich Chronicles which I enjoy immensely.

Murdervalleysims is a creepy Sims4 story that follows a series of murders in a idyllic little town. The story is rather intense and interesting with long and well written chapters.

No stars over Uptown is a rather new blog by Trip who also writes Eight Cicadas.  I must admit I am a little behind but I have read so far is an interesting story about a young man starting a new life in distant city, reconnecting with his relatives and working for a mysterious young woman. I suggest you go and check it out yourself!

Set Apart is a Sims3 DITFT story that is not updated at the moment but it just gives you a chance to catch up with nine generations of an exciting story! I am still on generation five but can’t wait to catch up and I suggest you all do the same.

Simdale Valley is another Sims4 blog with two great stories, one is the Take me to the Moon a legacy that is about to move to generation 8, but every chapter is so good and unique you will surely enjoy it. On Simdale Valley blog there is also a story of a town called Simdale Valley which is a lovely and interesting place you just have to see for yourself!

The Windsor Legacy is a great legacy featuring many colorful and interesting characters. It is up to generation ten and it already has so much interesting stories, funny moments but also heartbreaking moments. It is great! Check it out!





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