Chapter XVIII: Meetings at the Hospital

Dilly’s doctor said she would need to stay in the hospital one more day. Dilly didn’t take these news well insisting she needed to get home to rest and be with her son but somehow Harwood managed to persuade her it was for the best that she got some rest here first. The mare conversation seemed to exhaust her and soon as Harwood was on the door she had fallen a sleep.

She had fed Billy moments earlier and the nurse had taken him away so there was nothing for Harwood to do there. He planned to go home, take a shower, change and feed his dog, the little thing must have been worried sick.

Once he was out in the hallway he saw Juan who had came to the hospital with him and Dilly and hadn’t left still. But it wasn’t the sight of Juan, or the sight of the woman talking to him that surprised him, it was the way the two were lost in conversation, like the rest of the world didn’t exist, like two old friends, or old lovers.


The woman was first to spot Harwood standing there not wanting to interrupt the conversation happening before him.

“Hello Harwood!” Dilly’s mother said turning her warm brown eyes to him. She was dressed in her long and recognizable coat, and just like the last time Harwood saw her she had a flower in her long gray hair and a pair of red leather gloves hiding her hands.

“Hello Milly.” Harwood said in greeting.

“Are my daughter and grandson inside?” Milly asked politely a smile on her face.

“Oh, they are both a sleep I am afraid.”

“That is okay, I can wait a bit longer.” The older woman replied. “I have brought over some of Dilly’s stuff. ”

“That is very nice, she will be glad.” Harwood said smiling.

“You should go home now. You need to rest.” Milly said. “You look exhausted.” She paused. “Juan can keep me company.” She added lightly touching Juan’s hand. Juan blushed slightly and even smiled. “We go way back the two of us.” Milly continued. “I wouldn’t mind a chance to catch up.”

Harwood looked at his best friend grinning. He knew the two have history, according to Juan they broke up shortly before Harwood came to town. He didn’t figure there was a chance of them making up, not with Juan’s obsession with his dead wife, and the habit he had of mentioning her in most of his conversations.  But seeing the light in both of their eyes right now he figured that with such things one could never know so he gladly left leaving them alone.



First thing he did upon coming home was locating Rookie. He found the pup sound asleep in his little crib, probably dreaming about delicious meet by the look on his little face. Harwood petted him ever so slightly and went to the deck to refill his bowl with food and treats. He then proceeded to take a nice warm shower and a very long nap.

When Harwood got back to the hospital neither Juan or Milly were in sight. There was however a familiar face on the door of Dilly’s room. Harwood stepped back in surprise upon seeing Holly Greenwood. The woman smiled before greeting him politely. “So I guessed right, that adorable little boy is your son. He has your eyes.” She said warmly. Harwood smiled.

“He sure is. His mom and I are about to take him home right now. What brings you here?”  He asked fondly.

“Work.” Holly replied and smiled. “The good kind of work I must admit.” Harwood remembered Holly was in politics but what exactly she did he had no idea so he was glad when she continued. “Since our natality is so bad as  State Representative I visit all new mums and provide little gift baskets for the babies.” Besides Holly someone yawned and for the first time Harwood noticed Holly’s older daughter looking as uninterested as always.


“Hi Jade.” He said. The teenager only grumbled in response barely looking at him.

“Jade is my ride.” Holly explained. “She is practicing for her driving exam and I thought it would be nice for her to see the little ones but as usual she is not excited.” Harwood smiled. He wondered if his son would be like this when he is a teenager. He hoped he would live long enough to see it…

“How is Em?” He asked. It had been so long since he saw the first friend he had made when he arrived back in Twinbrook.

“She is well.” Holly said fondly. “I’ll say you said hello.”

“Do that please.” Harwood said warmly.  Emerald Greenwood was one special kid, he wished the two of them had stayed in contact, he wondered if she would be excited to meet his son.

“Okay, we’ll go now.” Holly said. “You probably want to go to your child and his mother.” Harwood nodded and they spoke their goodbyes before he went inside Dilly’s room.

Milly was already there with her daughter who was dressed and sitting on the bed, the baby in her arms.

“Harwood you are here.” Milly said surprised.

“Of course I am.”

“Well we didn’t expect you.” Milly said flatly. “I have already called a cab for the two of us.”

“I could bike after you.” Harwood said.

“I guess.” Milly said shrugging and Harwood felt something heavy drop in her stomach.

“How could you think I wouldn’t be here?” He asked. Neither Dilly or Mily answered.

“Look I just want to go home.” Dilly said in a tired voice and Harwood let it slide.

Screenshot_11He followed them outside watching his son still in that little blue blanket. What would happen now? He wondered grimly. All those important questions  he and Dilly avoided for all these months were suddenly there feeling like pins stabbing his whole body. And then there was this little, helpless person that needed them both. And as reality hit him hard Harwood couldn’t help feeling very, very afraid…



  1. Oh no, why is Dilly so cold towards Harwood? Anything (she thinks) he did can’t be that bad to refuse to let him see his son, at least for a while! 😦
    On another note, that puppy can’t get any cuter! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I kind of went with what the game threw at me there… The way I interpreted it is that Dilly, and her mother, expected more from Harwood, they probably though he would make it official before the baby was born and Harwood being the free spirit that he is never even though of it… Thank you so much for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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