Chapter V: Love and Loneliness

In the end Harwood did manage to finish that ice sculpture he had planned since his very first day at Twinbrook. He sculpted a chair.  It wasn’t the most ingenious of his works but he liked it. And so did Emerald when he sent her a picture. Truth be told she was rather thrilled with it in a way only a child could be, she send him a bunch of emoticons and asked a ton of questions about both the chair and the whole process of creating it. She was especially amazed by his use of an actual chainsaw in the process of cutting the ice.


Emerald turned out to be his greatest fan, always urging him to take even more projects and Harwood find it hard to explain to her that this was something he was doing for almost four times her age and that now he was retired and didn’t have to do anything he didn’t want to.

“But there is this cool thing I saw today…” Emi started. “The police is looking for someone to sculpt a suspect based on a witness description. You could do it!” Harwood sighed.

“Look Emi…”

“You could be fighting crime that is pretty awesome.”

“Well Emi you know my sculpting past is kind of a secret… And the police would have to check me out and they would find it all out….And…”

“And they would keep your secret in exchange for your help! I am sure of it.” Emerald said with all the conviction of a child and Harwood had to promise to consider.


But it was not just sculpting that Harwood did… He would also take long walks around Twinbrook enjoying the scenery and building up his strength. He was no longer sore or out of breath whenever going into town. One night he took his guitar case and went to the park. Back in Bridgeport there were a lot of street performers, especially down in the subways but Harwood didn’t want to attempt to play for change. He just wanted to entertain a casual passer-by, clear away someone’s bad thoughts with a song or two.

He had just stepped in the park when he saw a woman rushing towards him stomping over the grass. From afar all he could see was her dark blue suit and nicely build long legs that carried her towards him.  When she had come closer he noticed she was a rather attractive woman, younger then he was with blond-brown, most likely dyed hair and thin brown eyebrows. Her eyes were an interesting shade of green and there was no mistaking the excitement in them or they way her thin lips were pulled back in a seductive smile.


“Excuse me sir… This is not something I often do but are you by any chance Harwood Clay?” She said when she was close enough to Harwood that he could feel the faint smell of her perfume. She smelled of lemons and ever so slightly of the sea

At her words however Harwood felt something sink inside him and his own smile melted away for a second but he fought to keep it up. It was bound to happen…. Someone would recognize him, it is not the end of the world…

“Yes I am.” The woman smiled even more.

“I thought I recognized you. I am Pattina.” She said. “I am a huge fan of yours. I didn’t know you were here in Twinbrook…. I don’t want to bother you but if you have any time… Please call me. Here is my card.” She said. Well if I am going to be recognized it is best that is by attractive women who like my work… Harwood thought to himself as he watched her leave. By the look she gave him as she left he figured she liked him too. He flipped open the card she gave him:

Pattina Knack

CEO of High Products Design

Bellow was her email address and phone number. Harwood put the card to his pocket with a smile on his face and went to play some love songs.

There was not much of a turnout. It was too cold too sit outside at the bistro across the street from the park, even though somebody would occasionally stop at the door and throw a look Harwood’s way. And it seemed to be too late for Twinbrook’s residents to come out and enjoy themselves outside so Harwood gave up pretty quickly and instead took a seat to finish the book he started the other day, “Sul Sul: Trapped in Tar.”


The next morning while eating his cereal Harwood found himself thinking a lot about Pattina Knack. She seemed nice, attractive, she was not too young for him and she already knew about who he was… Harwood still wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing but it was a fact nonetheless… He had her business card out on the table right next to his phone… He should just call, maybe they could meet for coffee… Talk about art and life….

screenshot_8He thought about love a lot since coming here to Twinbrook. Maybe it was just loneliness, or maybe jealousy after meeting a lovely couple such as the Greenwoods, or even regret for missed chances. And maybe it was the fact that he still sometimes felt Macy’s spirit lingering around him, watching…

He talked about it with Juan.  Juan told him how he had up until recently dated a certain lady called Milly Pidgin but they just weren’t right for each other what ever Lacy said about it Harwood didn’t even interrupt him to tell him Lacy was dead he just listened. He wondered if maybe both of them were just too damaged, losing their wives so young… Perhaps no woman could ever live up to their young and dead wives whom they had loved with that strong youthful passion once so long ago….

It wasn’t as if there weren’t other women in Harwood’s life but they were all merely passing by, there was nothing of substance to hold him to them and he never cared for it back then. He married his art after losing Macy and art was all that mattered, all else was just fulfilling the desires of the flesh.

But ever since retiring and coming here he longed for something more… Maybe it was because he never thought about growing old alone… He pictured one day he would have someone to look at him the way Oliver Greenwood looked at his wife… Or maybe even to have a family and a lovely two story home, a cat and a thriving garden…

Was that dream unattainable? Lost forever, trampled by the forces of time? Or was it Pattina Knack that could bring it back too reality? Harwood did not know…


However a practical issued prevent him to dwell on all this thoughts that very moment, he noticed his shower was broken. He gave it a look or two before finally admitting to himself that fixing this thing was way out of reach for him. In the end he searched the web for a good plumbing service. The guy he found was called Andy Plumber which Harwood found rather funny considering his occupation, but then again his own last name was Clay…

Before the man arrived however Harwood had taken on himself to tidy up a bit. He washed his dishes every day and did the laundry a few times a week as well but he rarely cleaned the bathroom so that morning he set himself up to this dreadful task.


Mr. Plumber wasn’t in the best of moods when he arrived a few hours later and he didn’t really care about talk that much so Harwood left him to it and he retreated to the studio to do some sketching. He didn’t think about it much he just let his hand drive him as his mind was trying to escape the sound of loud bangs coming from inside the house.

His thoughts might have strayed again to a certain lady, and her dark blue suit, strong legs and bright green eyes because once the noises had stopped and Harwood stepped back from the drawing in front of him he noticed he had drawn a bedroom, full with bright colours Harwood wasn’t usually drawn to but still he liked the sketch and decided to keep it and maybe finish it one day. Right now he had to stop and go pay the plumber…



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