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Intro: Farewells

Chapter I:  Home

Chapter II: Old friends

Chapter III: A day in town

Chapter IV: Dinner with the Greenwoods

Chapter V: Love and Loneliness

Chapter VI: At the police station

Chapter VII: Sculpting the Suspect

Chapter VIII: Pattina

Chapter IX: Red Rendezvous

Chapter X: Unexpected Visitors

Chapter XI: Interrupted

Chapter XII: Man’s Best Friend

Chapter XIII: Late Night Visit

Chapter XIV: Movies and Surprises

Chapter XV: Presents

Chapter XVI: Little Dragon

Chapter XVII: Billy

Chapter XVIII: Meetings at the Hospital

Chapter XIX: Mother

Chapter XX: Back at the Red

Chapter XXI: Danger

Chapter XXII: Pidgin Roost

Chapter XXIII: End of Summer

Chapter XXIV: Startled and Scared

Chapter XXV: A Friend Departs

Chapter XXVI: Buddies

Chapter XXVII: Death Returns

Chapter XXVIII: The Symphony

Chapter XXIX: New Year’s Eve

Chapter XXX: First Date

Chapter XXXI: Billy’s Birthday

Chapter XXXII: First Day’s of Childhood

Harwood and Billy


Chapter XXXIII: Separation

Chapter XXXIV: Billy’s Troubles

Chapter XXXV: Sleepless

Chapter XXXVI: Harley

Chapter XXXVII: Ferocious Beast

Chapter XXXVIII: Billy’s Strange Day

Chapter XXXIX: Day After

Chapter XL: Love and Dinosaurs

Chapter XLI: Father and Mother

Chapter XLII: Family Day

Chapter XLIII: Loneliness

Chapter XLIV: Hadley

Chapter XLV: Accents





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